We generate exclusive home improvement leads and deliver them to you in real time without the huge fees that agencies charge

The standard lead generation model is to sell one lead to 3-10 different businesses which means you’re constantly fighting to win that job and dropping your pricing in the process. This makes it really hard to sustain and almost impossible to stand out as the authority in your industry and area of service.

We Do Things Different!

We’re changing the game by offering exclusive, industry specific leads ensuring you are the sole receiver of that potential buyer. No one else will ever get access to that lead.

Furthermore we deliver all our leads in real time which means that as soon as the potential buyer shows interest and becomes a lead, they are delivered to you via text and email so you can contact them when they are most likely to engage and do business with you

Could we make more money selling one lead to multiple businesses? Of course. Does that sit right with us? Absolutely NOT.

Besides, if we only sell one lead to one business, the quality of that lead shoots through the roof and thus you will see much better results and become a life long customer of ours. So ultimately we’re playing the long game and still creating a win-win scenario.

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Our Process

Step 1 - Build it

We create a custom ad for you on Facebook that has 3 key ingredients:

  1. A specific location to target
  2. A specific service to offer
  3. A limited incentive to create interest

Step 2 - Launch it

We place your targeted Facebook ad in front of your ideal customers in order to generate high quality leads. For success we need 3 things:

  1. A targeted audience
  2. On-going split testing
  3. A way to “catch” the leads

Step 3 - Milk it

We deliver leads to you in real-time via email and text. It’s now time to contact them to setup appointments, quote and get the sale. We need 3 things for success:

  1. Instant notifications
  2. Quick contact with the lead
  3. Lead follow-up

A few of our happy clients

Alex – Local Home Improvement Business Owner:

=> 55 leads per month on average
=> 4 new customers in the last 30 days
=> R207 000.00 in additional revenue
=> 3000% Return on investment (ROI)

Colin – Business Owner:

=> Consistent high quality traffic
=> Constant sales
=> Highly profitable
=> Long term relationship 🙂

What an appliance repair client said:

Here’s a voice note from one of our contracting customers (click play button to listen)

Below is a screenshot of 51 Incoming home service Leads generated in 30 days for a client (leads are specific to your exact niche)

More happy clients

And more…

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