A lead is a set of details that someone has entered into a form or answers they provide to a set of questions that they were asked. This is someone who is actively
interested in your product or service and wishes to be contacted for more information.

We use Facebook to run targeted advertising campaigns that place a product or service in front of an audience that potentially need that service. When someone is interested they will enquire via an online form or by answering a set of questions in order to become a lead

Leads cost R100 each. The industry standard cost for leads are between R75-R250 per lead BUT keep in mind that each of these leads are sent to multiple businesses to fight over that lead for the sale/job. All of our leads are 100% exclusive to you and your business allowing you to stand out as the only “go to” authority in your industry and location

Leads are delivered via email, text or APP notification in real-time. This means that as the interested prospect fills out the form or answers a set of questions, you receive that information immediately, allowing you contact them right away which greatly impresses the interested prospect and also catches them when they have your business and service at the front of their mind

A lead is qualified if they provide their contact number as well as their name and one other field/question of your choice (3 fields in total). For example, a popular field we add to our lead forms is “Which suburb do you live in?”. So, in this example, a qualified lead would provide their name, contact number and suburb.

AnotherĀ  important point to note is that the advertisement we setup will already describe your service offering and location so we already know that they are interested in your service when they become a lead. What we need additionally is their name, contact number and one more field of your choice in order to be a qualified lead.

If they don’t provide answers to 3 fields/questions, you are eligible for a discount on that lead. However, it is very rare that this happens

You are able to pre-pay for a set amount of leads and pay using EFT or credit card. We use PayFast as our secure payment processor for seamless payments

This is a great question. Every client we have worked with has turned a profit. Yes, 100% of our clients (so far) have turned a profit from our leads. But there something important to note:

There is effort involved in contacting your leads. Our job is to provide you with a person that is interested and currently needs your product or service. Your job is to contact them as quickly as possible and turn them into a customer.

Please contact us via our contact page form, phone us or chat with us via our online chat. Although we mostly work with home improvement contractors, we are confident we will be able to help you too!

ONE company only and that is YOUR company. We will never send that same lead to another company.

We do everything we can to provide you with exclusive, real-time leads that are interested in/need your service. They are also located in your area of service.

Our current clients continue to buy from us because they are consistently getting results from our services. Whilst we get great results for all our clients, we are unfortunately not in control of what happens after the lead is delivered to you so we cannot promise results.

If the leads phone number has no dial-tone or continues to go to voice mail then you may be eligible for a refund on that specific lead.

However, if the lead simply doesn’t answer the phone, this is not a reason for refunding because when it comes to sales you will not always make contact on the first try and this is deemed part of sales.